Fertilizer Packages

Proper lawn maintenance helps to establish a healthy root system, and to protect against pests. Kennebec offers organic based natural fertilizer programs to help maintain a strong, healthy lawn while following the new pesticide ban.

We offer a Bronze program to meet the basic needs of the lawn, a silver program that provides a good growing environment, and a gold program that with proper watering and mowing will help your lawn thrive.

a beautiful lawn fertilized and looking very lush

Fertilizing and Weed Control Programs


Provides the basic nutrients your lawn requires.

5 Applications

4 Seasonally timed Natural Fertilizer Applications

Spring half hour manual weed removal using a specialized tool 

Prepay and Save



Provides a good growing environment for your lawn.

9 Applications

5 Seasonally timed Natural Fertilizer Applications

Spring & Fall Spot Weed Control Using Fiesta

Corn Gluten Application

Sea Kelp Application 

Prepay and Save



Provides the ideal growing environment for your lawn.

12 Applications

5 Seasonally timed Natural Fertilizer Applications

Spring & Fall Spot Weed Control Using Fiesta

Core Aeration


Alfalfa Application

Sea Kelp Application

Topdress Lawn With a Pellitized Compost 

Prepay and Save


Customize your own program with any of our natural products

Lawn Restoration

  • Core Aerating – Relieves compact soil thus allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. This in turn stimulates root growth which allows deep root movement. In addition core aeration helps penetrate the thatch layer which may have accumulated over the winter.
  • Salt Stopper Application – Helps to neutralize pet urine burn or road salt burn.
  • Soil Analysis Service – A sample of soil is analyzed in a lab to determine any soil deficiency and gives recommendations on improving soil conditions.
  • Seed and Soil – Grass seed is applied to your lawn with a spreader and covered with garden mix top soil to a depth of 1”-2” for filling in bare patches. Daily watering is imperative with this application.
  • Overseeding - Grass seed applied to your lawn, making it thicker and able to crowd out weeds. We apply seed with a commercial spreader. Usually topdressing is applied with overseeding (see topdressing). After this application, water lightly for several days.
  • Top dressing - Pelletized topdressing consists of tiny pellets and is environmentally safe for your family and pets, it is 100% natural. Top dressing is a food source for increased microbial activity which creates a healthier soil for your lawn. It also increases drought tolerance by trapping nutrients and moisture in the root zone.


  • Natural Fertilizer blends - Specially formulated for the spring, summer and fall applications. Fertilizer provides 3 important elements for your lawn to be thick and green; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Adding these elements in the form of natural fertilizer promotes healthy growth.
  • Alfalfa Application – This treatment is beneficial to any lawn especially lawns with poor soil conditions. The benefits of the alfalfa treatments are an increase in root production and growth thereby helping to build resistance to drought stress.
  • Sea Kelp Application -This application enhances new seedlings vigor and helps the establishment of a newly over seeded lawn. This is done by boosting the growth of the germinating seed. Sea kelp is full of minerals and nutrients which are good for your lawn.

Weed Control

  • Manual weed removal - Manual weed removal is the process of removing weeds using a specialized weed removal tool. The tool is inserted around the weed and the weed is pulled out by the root.Billed by the hour.
  • Fiesta spot weed control application – Fiesta is a selective broadleaf weed killer. This product is post-emergent which means it is used on existing broadleaf weeds in your lawn. The active ingredient in Fiesta is iron which occurs in nature.
  • Corn Gluten Application – Corn Gluten is a natural protein and is effective for lawns and gardens as a plant food as well as a weed suppressor. Corn gluten inhibits Crab Grass seeds from germination by drying out a seed as soon as it opens to sprout. It also serves a purpose to feed your lawn because it is naturally 10% nitrogen by weight.
  • Natural Soy Application – Natural Soy is an organic based pre-emergent weed control which helps prevent dandelion seeds from germinating. This product is also a weed and feed for your lawn.

Insect Control

  • Surface Insect Control using Insecticidal Soap - Insecticidal soap works best on soft-bodied surface insects. The fatty acids in the insecticidal soap disrupt the structure and permeability of the insects' cell membranes. The cell contents are able to leak from the damaged cells, and the insect quickly dies. However it is strongly recommended to seed and soil the affected area before weeds move in.
  • Grub Control using Nematodes – Nematodes are a small natural parasite to grubs that are not harmful to people or pets. When applied to the lawn this parasite uses the grubs as a host and feeds off the grub, killing them before they can do visible damage to the lawn. A nematode application can kill up to 40% of the active grub population under ideal conditions.