The following are soils that we have in stock. Our soils are tested regularly and are free of any chemicals or pesticides. All of our soil products are screened and/or pulverized, except our manure.


Triple Mix

This is one of our most popular soils. It consists of 1/3 each of the following; topsoil, black loam and manure. This soil is great for flower and vegetable gardens and topdressing your lawn. This soil should not be used straight with evergreen trees as it is too rich for them. It however can be mixed with topsoil.

Top Soil

Our topsoil is a sandy loam which is ideal for grading, sodding and planting both coniferous and deciduous trees.


Our manure is all well aged and we do not ship it out until it is at least two years old. We carry horse, cow and mushroom compost. The manure we use does not have any straw in it. We only use manure that is mixed with peat moss or sawdust. You can specify which manure suites your needs best or you can have a mixture. We recommend putting this product on your gardens in the autumn to allow the snow and rain help work it into your existing soil to enrich it for spring planting. Mushroom compost has the least amount of weeds; however it does have a higher salt content.

Manure Loam

This product is quickly becoming a favorite amongst our customers. Manure loam is very well aged. It is 6-7 year old manure that has broken right down to a soil. This soil is very rich in nutrients and dark in color. Great product if your soil is becoming a little ‘tired’ and needs a little extra growing power to produce lovely gardens.

Black Loam

This is a soil that comes out of the boggy areas where trees and plants have decomposed. This is a very light soil and is excellent to add to a garden that is heavy in texture. It is very dark so it also adds visual appeal. This product is also good for top dressing.

Soil-less Mix Blend

This mix consists of very fine screening, manure loam and composted pine mulch. This product stays loose all year round. It is great for mixing in with heavy soils to help with drainage. Great for potting.

Leaf Compost

Our leaf compost is ready to be shipped out!! This is a beautiful, dark soil, extremely rich in nutrients to enhance any garden. It is highly recommended for mixing in with the existing soil in your vegetable garden to give your vegetables even more healthier to eat!

Top Dressing

New this year is our top dressing! It is half peat moss and half manure loam. We half specially designed this product to make sure you will get a green, lush, healthy lawn without the use of pesticides, and fertilizers. It is quickly becoming a favourite with landscapers and homeowners alike!


Fill is topsoil that may contain clay and is generally heavy and is not screened. Good for back filling large areas.


Rubble is the debris, and rocks that fall off the end of the belt in the screening process. There is no charge for this material. We just charge for loading and trucking.