Lawn Mowing

Eco - Friendly Lawn Mowing

We mow your lawn on a weekly basis from the first week in May to the end of October. We use Reel Mowers for the lawn with the clippings mulched back into the lawn. Electric trimmers are used for the edges. Eco cutting is ideal for smaller yards.

Did you know that using a standard gas mower for one hour emits the same amount of common air pollutants as driving a new car for almost 600 km. Get cleaner air and a quieter neighbourhood through Eco-Friendly Lawn Cutting.

Regular lawn Mowing

We mow on a weekly basis with trimming. Grass clippings are collected when necessary and mulched when possible. The season begins the first week in May to the last week in October.

Additional Property Maintenance Services

Spring Clean up (April)

Raking / dethatching turf areas, removing winter debris.

Fall Clean up (Nov)

Raking leaves to the boulevard, leaf removal to landfill cost extra. (Note : Due to the significant reduction in fall leaf collection by the city we can not guarantee your leaves will be picked up at the curbside by the city and therefore recommend adding leaf removal with your fall clean up to ensure they are removed.)

Lawn Rolling

(Available in the spring only) 500lb roller to help smooth out bumps in the lawn.